"Tutto fatto a mano"




Sartoria Esposito is relatively new tailoring house in the scene of Neapolitan tailoring, lead by one of the most talented and creative female tailors, Adriana Esposito. Adriana, a graduate from the State Institute Isabella d'Este (Naples) started her career in tailoring as an apprentice under her father in Naples and continued to learn the trade while working for various renowned bespoke tailors like Mariano Rubinacci, until she decided to establish her own Sartoria in 2020.


Bespoke tailoring 

Our tailoring respects Neapolitan traditions but includes some additional details that we feel give it more contemporary edge. At Sartoria Esposito we are obsessed to details. It all starts with getting to know customer over an espresso, listening them and understanding their needs. We believe that using traditional craftsmanship and hours of dedication a true bespoke garment of unique quality is born. Every garment we make has it's own sole and is mirror of its wearer.  


House style

Our house style consists of a shortened jacket skirt, a higher lapel gorge, wider lapel and a natural shoulder to really flatter the wearer. All the garments we make are strictly handmade, including those parts deemed useless by many: from the inner parts of the jacket to the darts, from the centre-back to the shoulder stitching with the so-called dietropunto, the same applies to the stitching of the centre-back of bespoke trousers. We prefer that the side vents are cut 1 cm higher than the pockets, which are stitched at 4,5 cm distance from the bottom. Hand sewing is very elastic, so it follows the shapes and the movements of the person and that is impossible to do with a sewing machine. 



Due to the extenuating circumstances which have arisen from COVID-19 situation we decided that we offer "remote-bespoke" true Neapolitan trouser making service to our customers who are unable to travel. Just fill in online form, describe what style you like, send us, or let us know, your choice of fabric and receive your trousers by courier within 10 working days. Click here.


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Sartoria Esposito


Naples - Italy

The Atelier is located in the beautiful historical town Casalnuovo, which is 15 minutes by train from Naples. Please use the form below if you have any enquiries or if you would like to make an appointment with Adriana.